The art of building

In our profession, everything starts with a clear project and solid foundations. CIT Blaton is rooted in experience stretching back more than 150 years, characterised by an unwavering commitment to combine quality and innovation. We build buildings. But above all, we build lasting relationships with our customers, create added value, and devise solutions to see each project through to a successful conclusion. An independent general contracting company present in all construction sectors, CIT Blaton is a dynamic player firmly focused on the future.

Sophie Le Clercq —
Chairwoman of the Board of Directors

Who we are

Experience and imagination

CIT Blaton has for more than 150 years provided proof that a family owned and run company with independent shareholding can be ranked among the big names in a demanding industry.

The art of building

True to the entrepreneurial spirit of generations of builders who founded CIT Blaton, we can face any challenge by combining traditional techniques and advanced technologies. We express the same desire in each of our projects: build to last. The requirements of our customers change, and so do those of the final users (housing, offices, industry, etc.). Our methods and techniques are constantly adapted accordingly.

A special place in the landscape

CIT Blaton projects stand out at first glance: painted white, our cranes and machinery set us apart.

Expertise in the service of creation

Exceptional results can be obtained only with the desire to excel and to plan for the future. We want to create added value for our customers, erect structures that contribute to the well-being of all and make each project a success that enhances our reputation.

Life charter

The Life charter is a document in which CIT Blaton undertakes a commitment to itself and to its partners. The guiding thread of CIT Blaton’s corporate culture, it serves as a reference to our projects, in particular change processes. The Life Charter summarises, in a transparent manner, the values that CIT Blaton intends to bring to bear, thanks to the active participation of each employee: respect, tradition and development, proficiency, service.


We live with respect for the people with whom we work -- blue-collar workers and clerical employees, executives and shareholders. We want to move forward together and see our projects through with mutual respect. We treat our customers and suppliers with such respect also.

Tradition and development

We are proud of the expertise, achievements and history of CIT Blaton. The family tradition of our company constitutes its strength and stability. We believe that we do our bit for the success of the company.

We are firmly focused on progress and the future. Our capacity to move forward is an integral part of our tradition.


Our approach to our profession is based on proficiency in the techniques we deploy, the proficiency in the relations we have with our suppliers and partners, the proficiency in budgets and deadlines of our customers. We are keen to preserve, develop and hand down our expertise in our company.


We see our profession as a service that we provide to our customers. We position ourselves as the preferred partner of our customers for the implementation of their projects. Proactive, heedful, anticipatory and creative, we prefer to work on solutions rather than fixate on problems.


CIT Blaton is an integral part (100%) of CIT Holding which groups activities relating to the art of building: property development via CIT, general construction via CIT Blaton, and special techniques via the multi-technique division.



Background history

The first Blaton-Aubert factory was established in Schaerbeek back in 1865. At the outset, it made mainly garden statues, but soon expanded into general contracting activities.

The company grew under the name of Armand Blaton-Peyralbe Entrepreneur and focused not only on the construction of industrial buildings but also on civil engineering. It was among the first to use reinforced concrete and won contracts such as the one to dig the Cinquantenaire railway tunnel, the construction of the Port of Brussels, the bridge over the Meuse at Huy, etc.

In 1927, Armand and Emile Blaton created the Entreprises Blaton-Aubert. For thirty years, they would work on major projects in France and Belgium. For instance, they built the Central Station in Brussels in 1930, and many sections of the North-South Junction. Together with professor Magnel, they developed a prestressing process known as the Magnel-Blaton process, and a deep foundation process: the Vibro piles.

In the 1950s, each of the two brothers went on to create his own company. Emile assumed the reins of the Compagnie Industrie et Travaux Emile Blaton, while Armand’s four sons would join forces, two by two, to found “Bâtiments et Ponts” and “Travaux S.A.” The Compagnie Industrie et Travaux Emile Blaton worked in particular on several pavilions for Expo 58, including the famous American pavilion. It also participated in the construction of the BBL’s Marnix Complex in Brussels, or the Petrofina headquarters. It moreover made part of the Zeebrugge gas terminal, and in a completely different line, hospitals like Cavell or Brugmann. In the beginning of the 1970s, Emile Blaton was succeeded by his two sons, Pierre and Paul, then by their sister Thérèse, who became the chairwoman of the Board of Directors of CIT E. Blaton. Today, Sophie Le Clercq, the daughter of Thérèse Blaton, is the chairwoman of the board of directors of CIT Blaton, and represents the fifth generation.

Board of directors

Sophie Le Clercq

Chairwoman of the Board of Directors

Angèle Blaton,

Comtesse Hadelin de Liedekerke-Beaufort

Sandrine Blaton

Eric Doff-Sotta

Representative of Coreman sprl

Vincent Doumier

Representative of Vincent Doumier sprl

Claude Jottrand

Representative of Square L sprl

Frédéric Loriaux

Representative of Taïto sprl

Blaton in figures

45 active projects on average

Equity capital

51 599 157 €


Blue-collar workers : 407
Clerical employees : 258

Company N° : 0435.112.207
VAT N° : BE 435 112 207

Consolidated turnover

2015 : 216 307 000 €
2016 : 243 525 000 €
2017 : 282 759 000 €
2018 : 363 493 000 €
2019 : 331 000 000 €


2015 : 5 624 000 €
2016 : 5 555 000 €
2017 : 5 459 000 €
2018 : 7 628 000 €
2019 : 4 204 000 €

Distribution of turnover
per sector


The accreditation classes of CIT Blaton at the Ministry of Communications and Infrastructure are as follows :

Class 8

Category D :
General building contractors

Category E :
General civil engineering contractors

Sub-category D1 :
All major building and roofing works

Sub-category D4 :
Sound or heat insulation, light partitions, false ceilings and false floors, prefabricated or otherwise

Sub-category D14 :

Sub-category D18 :
Ventilation, hot air heating, air conditioning

Sub-category D20 :
Metal joinery

Sub-category E1 :
Sewer mains

Sub-category E2 :
Deep foundations on piles, sheet pile walls, diaphragm walls

Sub-category D24 :
Restoration of monuments

Sub-category P1 :
Electrical installations of buildings, including electric generators, fire and theft detection equipment, remote transmissions in buildings and their vicinity and installation of mixed telephony equipment

Class 7

Category C :
General road works contractors

Sub-category C1 :
Routine sewerage work

Sub-category D16 :
Sanitary installations and gas heating installations with individual devices

Class 6

Category B :
General hydraulic woks contractors

Category C :
General road works contractors

Category G :
General earthworks contractors

Sub-category B1 :
Dredging of waterways

Sub-category C1 :
Routine sewage works

Sub-category G5 :
Demolition works

Sub-category P2 :
Electrical and electromechanical structural or industrial installations and exterior electrical installations

Sub-category P3 :
Installation of overhead power lines

Sub-category S1 :
Public telephony and telegraphy equipment

Class 5

Category G :
General earthwork contractors

Class 4

Sub-category C5 :
Hydrocarbonised surfacing and coating

Means and resources, challenges

Our means and resources

The company is organised in different departments round execution: equipment department, IT department, payroll department, quotation department, engineering office and financial department.

CIT Blaton is part of CIT Holding which also holds CIT Red (Real Estate Development) and an electromechanical branch. Synergies are established between these branches to address every request.

Our challenges

We are committed to:

  • Seeing each of our projects through to a successful conclusion;
  • Asserting our capacity to provide real added value;
  • Being present on markets that require real expertise;
  • Being attentive to the development of the markets and to the expectations of our customers;
  • Focusing on profitability whilst providing quality support;
  • Applying the principles of the CIT Blaton Life charter;
  • Helping CIT Blaton grow as a major and independent player.

Quality, safety, environment

Quality : ISO 9001

CIT Blaton is ISO 9001 certified (production and design) guaranteeing the monitoring of the quality criteria and procedures set out in the company’s quality manual for civil and industrial construction projects.

Safety : VCA**

On the safety front, CIT Blaton also has VCA ** certification, which attests to the importance that the company attaches to compliance with safety rules.

Environnement : ISO 14001

In 2009 CIT Blaton implemented its environmental management system that meets the ISO 14001 standard covering all the processes of the company, in particular on its building sites.


Form workers, bricklayers, concrete builders, machine and manoeuvre operators are the most representative workers. They are grouped into teams headed by a lead hand or foreman.

Each worker undergoes safety training under the VCA** system and attends advanced courses in his area of specialisation.

The works managers and engineers who supervise the project undergo regular training in the various building techniques.


CIT Blaton has a storage place in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw covering several hectares where the service activities for the work sites are concentrated: storage, adaptation, restoration, loading of equipment, preparation of specific assistance works such as metal joinery, ironwork, particular form work and prefabrication of reinforced concrete elements.

CIT Blaton is completely independent: it invests continuously in the acquisition of tower cranes, telescopic cranes, excavators, trucks, formwork equipment, etc.

Iron formwork

CIT Blaton makes and installs the reinforcing bars from its factory in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw.

Our projects

CIT Blaton is a general contractor active in all construction sectors.

Some of the projects in our main lines of business are featured below.

Our engineering office

CIT Blaton has its own engineering office. Execution methods and variants are established and structures sized by Building Information Modelling (BIM), and can be distributed to the various participants inside the company via a platform developed by CIT Blaton, and outside the company via the Cloud.

Special techniques engineers are capable of assuming the design or technical supervision and coordination of installations.

The physics of buildings is studied too: EPB calculations, modelling of thermal bridges…


CBL is a Luxembourgish general contractor active in all the sectors of construction and public works. It is part of the CIT Blaton group and shares the same commitment to quality and innovation. This state of mind nurtures our CBL staff more than ever before, as they are ready to take on the most ambitious technical challenges.

With 340 people, CBL is a major player in construction in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and in the “great region” (including southern Belgium and north-eastern France).

Overview of projects:

Meet with us

CIT Blaton S.A.
Avenue Jean Jaurès, 50
1030 Brussels

T : +32 (0)2 240 22 11
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Company N°: 0435.112.207
VAT N°: BE 0435 112 207

Job offers

Working at CIT Blaton means joining a company with an excellent reputation – a group of enterprising and bold professionals, proud of their work and their achievements, who share the values of mutual assistance and respect day in and day out. It also means undertaking a commitment in a company on a human scale with a friendly atmosphere. Your future is in good hands: those of your colleagues and superiors who will guide you as you pursue your career development. You will be given specific training for your profile and will be rapidly involved in an active manner in our current and future projects.